I’m glad you’re here!  Welcome to my site.

My goal is to help you Run the Point (take action) from where you are, with what you have.

I’ve created this place for those who feel that they have more to give but just don’t know HOW to express it or get it going.  You know you have greatness inside of you, but you just don’t know how to express it…yet. I play in a number of different circles and that allows me to pull the best from each and help people and resources connect.  Take a look at my service page to see the various ways / skills I use to be helpful.  You’ll notice it’s really about soft skills.  

My blog is created to serve as a means of education, inspiration, motivation and reflection (that’s a lot of “-tion” in one sentence).

I believe we are all ambassadors (stand for something), but are on different points in our journey.

My projects reflect what I care about. 

My main focus right now is on building a community to help young professionals of color have more impact at work.  You can learn more about it at NO MORE REASONABLE DOUBT.  Consider this an invitation to join. 

Feel free to look around, stay as long as you like, but just remember to turn off the lights before you leave. If being an ambassador is your thing join my newsletter to get updates and behind the scene information on how to Run the Point (take action) from where you are, with what you have in your life.