**Changes coming soon; I'm in the lab as we speak.**

I’m glad you’re here!  Welcome to my site.  This is the place where I share my journey in hopes that you can get something out of it or put in other terms, "Watch me; do you." 

There are a number of thing that may have brought you to my site so let's make sure you can find what you need as quickly as possible.  

Which best describes why you are here?:

  • You looked up my name in relations to the world of work / employee engagement and advocacy?  You can see my work in that space HERE
  • You met me and / or my work at a conference and you love the way I help people make meaningful connections (or conferences build non-cheesy ways to do so). You'll probably enjoy this HERE
  • You want to learn about me as a human being.  My thoughts, feelings, life as a dad of a toddler, etc.  Go HERE
  • You are interested in learning more about my project for young professionals of color. You'll enjoy this podcast I created HERE
  • You really like my bow ties, just realized that I actually design them and they are made from clothing me or my wife have owned.  Swing by HERE

I believe we are all ambassadors (stand for something), but are on different points in our journey but can still travel together. 

My projects reflect what I care about. 

Feel free to look around, stay as long as you like, but just remember to turn off the lights before you leave.

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