Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#77
“HAD TO WATCH MY BACK, MY FRONT, PLUS MY SIDES TOO.”~The Roots (Act Too; The Love of my Life)
Listen: http://tinysong.com/fTlS

Scaredy-cat. Fear, has played a huge part in my life. I am literally looking back if I hear someone walking behind me. It wasn’t always that way. When I was a junior in high school I was robbed at gunpoint by someone who came from behind (I did not turn around even though I heard the footsteps), put me in a chokehold and held a gun to the back of my head ( no, I can’t guarantee it was a gun, but for dramatic effect, lets say it was). I was so close to my block that I thought it was someone playing a trick on me so I grabbed a nearby gate. It wasn’t until the assailant started to hit my hands off the gate that I realized this wasn’t a joke.

Amazingly, I was calm throughout the whole process. The assailant asked me for my wallet–which was empty– so he decided to take my Ralph Lauren Polo jacket. As I took the rest of the walk home, I found myself more terrified after the event and vowed, “If anyone is going to rob me, they are going to have to look me in my eyes.” I went home and was upset and did not tell my parents what happened until days after.

The positive lasting effect of something that took place over 10 years ago is a heightened awareness of my surroundings. The negative effect is an unnecessary edge that I really have a tough time turning off. How can something that happened so long ago still control my behavior so many years later? Ask yourself the same question.

Affirmation of the Day: I stare fear in the eyes

Question of the Day: What has happened in your early life that still controls your behavior? (positive or negative)

Action of the Day: Start to list what you fear and if it is still necessary in your current environment.

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny