Name: Transitional Tina

Theme Song:Started From The Bottom” by Drake 

Description: New to her company or role.  It’s an opportunity to start over.  She can take all the positive from her previous experiences and forget about the stuff that didn’t go so well.  She has an opportunity to shape how she is known in her new role.  

She is taking this opportunity very seriously and not only paying attention to what she needs to learn to do her job but also getting an understanding of who the players, haters and advocates are.  She is looking to build relationships that will allow her to have a bigger impact than she’s had in the past. 

Tina is also looking to establish herself as a thought leader by leveraging social media and speaking opportunities (she’s a little nervous but knows the payoff out weighs the fear). 

Tina needs a framework, accountability and a sounding board to help her build a personal brand that separates her from her peers and turns her into a “Brand Inside a Brand.”  

How’s work?  Are you new to your role and looking to really looking to be known a certain way?  I’d love to hear about your personal situation and provide ideas and insights to help you gain clarity.
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