SXSW for Newbies

Welcome to my page dedicated to SXSW Newbies and those who just plain ole want to hear tips from folks who have taken that journey to Austin.

An event like SXSW can be pretty overwhelming if you are not careful so I’ve pull together some resources that I think you would find helpful.  When you are done watching the videos, don’t forget to sign-up for my monthly newsletter where I provide information for young professionals and entrepreneurs who want personal and professional development tips. 

Unfortunately, I can’t make it out to SXSW but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from some of the work I’ve been putting together.  I have a webinar recording and several videos that you will find helpful.  I will update this page each day with new information as you head to SXSW so come back often.


Webinar resource

Here is a pretty cool webinar resource that promises to help you really get ready for your conference.  It covers how to get focused, engage people before the conference so you  know a few people before you get to Austin, tips for the conference day(s) and how to have phenominal follow-up.  This is created by yours turly and can be found here:
“Hashtags To Handshakes: The New Art of Conference Networking”


Short video resources 

1. C.C. Chapman

This is a pretty cool video that is entertaining and filled with great tips.   

SXSW Advice from C.C. Chapman on Vimeo.


 2. Monique Johnson & Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake creator of Life After College and Monique Johnson creator of the Virtual Handshake


3. Michael Margolis 

Michael Margolis is the founder of “Get Storied


 4. Pam Slim

Pam Slim from


5. Charlie Gilkey 

Charlie Gilkey from “Productive Flourishing

 6. Katie Felton 

Katie Felten from Hashable

7. Nick Reese (unedited version)

Great video with Nick Reese who has an awesome opportunity at SXSW

Rockstar SXSW: and he is also hiring click Here for more info.