Storytelling as a Personal Branding Tool 


In this post we focus on Storytelling on the road to becoming a Brand Inside a Brand.  Storytelling is one of three parts in Phase 4 (Lead) of becoming a Brand Inside a Brand.

We’ve already spoken about:

Phase 1: Assessment

Phase 2: Build (Relationships and Community)

Phase 3: Manage  (Projects and Time/Priorities)

Phase 4: Lead (Thought Leadership)

Now let’s take a look at Storytelling.


The video above focuses on three main things to focus on when it comes to storytelling and presentation skills. 

  1. Focus on your Audience:  You could give the same presentation to 3 different groups and have to adjust the jokes and reference points based on their world view.
  2. Focus on yourself: Who do you need to be and what emotions do you need to call on to give yourself the greatest opportunity to “show up”?
  3. Practice: You already   know that but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t really put in the work it takes to give the kind of presentation they could.  The higher the stakes, the more practice.  Don’t just practice in one place but practice standing and sitting.  Can you get to the location where you will actually present?  Practice there too.  

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Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

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