A very interesting thing happened when I started having conversations with vendors who help companies build their employee advocacy programs; I found out that there is a bigger and deeper story that isn’t always told when you look at their website.  That bigger story is what I want to share with you in my vendor interview series.

My intent is to share their story and a demo so companies / brands looking for a content sharing platform to help them with their employee advocacy program can make a better decision. 

Here is the audio from my interview with Roope Heinilä , the CEO of SmarpShare



A few things of note from our Conversation

 The time in the [brackets] represent where in you can find the information in audio track.

  • What got you into Employee Advocacy? [0:58]
    • Started as social media consultants
    • Many clients were law firms.  They noticed that when people where hiring  the firms they would look up the lawyers on the web. Linkedin had a big impact on someone’s decision.
    • It’s not just an organization in social media, it’s people
    • At the core it’s about the relationship between the people. 
    • Who better to speak on behalf of company than it’s employees
    • First version on January 2013 – Smarpshare
  • Ar you only focused  on Employee Advocacy? [4:10]
    • Yes; they were never on the customer advocacy side of things. 
    • Customer advocacy had been around longer. Interestingly enough 2yrs ago companies were still afraid of putting employees on social media but ok with having customers do it on their behalf.
    • When you think about it your employees know the company better and have a bigger incentive to advocate for the company. 
    •  Employees know who to ask if something tough comes up. 
  • Who is it for and who isn’t it for? [5:45] 
    • At first thought tech and consumer business. 
    • 1st major client was in heavy machinery with 30k employees globally
    • They were interested because have active sales force who engaged with clients.
    • SmarpShare is good for a company with 20+ employees.  If smaller you could probably just scream out, hey I found this article and you should share it (in the same room)
    • With highly regulated industries it adds a layer of compliance because the company has overall control over what is being spread.
    • People have always been talking about their jobs it’s thousands of years old.  The concept is not new, the way you can do it is new.  Before can tell 5 people in a day, now you can tell 100’s. 
  • What makes you different? [9:40] 
    • Point is telling the brand story. 
    • A lot of focus on the end users (less clicks)
    • Can gain rewards with points.
    • If you know how to use the computer you can use our platform. 
  •  What is You Training Process like? [12: 40]
    • admin training
    • support IE 8 and up
    • Tend to work with company 1 month before launch and 2 months after
  •  What’s pricing structure [14:10]
    • Approximately $6-7 / employee /month or 
    • Can do by number of users
    • Unlimited package available 
    • Downside with limiting number is tough to do a successful launch when limit the number of employees who can participate. 
    • Feels best option is to offer an unlimited price (let those interested sign up and slowly grow)
    • Aim to reply to all within 24hrs
    • After 20k users look at a separate support contract
  •  Where can the people find you? [17:35]
    • SmarpShare.com


The Demo Video


Thanks for listening.

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