Hip Hop Affirmation: I am Thankful

The Ultimate Lyrical Mash-up: Traditional quotes meet Hip Hop lyrics with the same meaning….

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~William Arthur Ward


If you admire someone you should go ahead and tell ‘em. People never get the flowers while they can still smell ‘em. ~Kanye West

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While I’m Here I’d Like to Thank…

I had a crazy thought the other day; what if you started way back from the day you were born and created a list of all the people that you should say, “Thank you” to.  How long would your list be?

I’ve seen the power of “Thank you” expressed in person, electronically and in writing.  I am a personal fan of the “Thank you” in writing sense it tends to have a longer self-life and can be revisited from time to time by the recipient as needed.  Nothing feels better than walking into someones office or home and seeing a card you sent them over a year ago.

How To Create a Sincere Thank You Note

  1. Grab a piece of scrap paper for brainstorming or use a program like Evernote to digitally capture your thoughts.
  2. Picture the person you want to send the card to and list what you are thankful for when you think of them.
  3. Get a card with a meaningful picture or quote. (I prefer Quotable Cards and buy them by the box)
  4. Write your message in the card, make it personal and deliver the card.

A Real Life Example…

Dear Leo,

Thank you for the hospitality and sharing your family with me.  I enjoyed the time we got to spend together while I was in Atlanta.  I thought the conversation was great and very real.  I must say going to a conference with you was great.  Never would I have thought such a thing would be possible when we meet back in 1999 and you taught me how to play golf by having me learn on a 3-iron.  I am glad you are a mentor, friend and brother.  I look forward to all the great things that we are going to create in the future.


Mike B.

The Point

Don’t wait until something really extraordinary happens to say, “Thank you.”  Instead look for the extra in the ordinary of everyday life.

What’s your experience with, “Thank you,” both as a giver and a receiver?  What’s your most memorable Thank You?

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