Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#364

You don’t know your purpose; you’re alive but you don’t know why. ~Purpose (Treasure)

Listen to the Hip Hop Song:

Affirmation of the Day: I am clear on my purpose

You can never be on purpose if you don’t take the time to explore.  It usually requires you slowing down just enough to take a breath and reflecting on your experiences, recurring  themes in your life and where you are consistently being pulled (what are people coming to you for).

I rarely share my purpose (that’s not necessarily true; it’s just that it’s not a question people usually ask) but I am putting it on full display and vow to share and be on purpose more in 2011.  So here it is………. My purpose is to inspire and enable greatness.

3 Things You Can Do to be “On Purpose”

  1. Take a little bit of time to your self to review the recurring themes in 2010 and what people and things seem to keep popping up in your life
  2. Look at what you have been resisting, physically or mentally (you may just be fighting what you are meant to be and do)
  3. Get some assistance.  A lot of what you can discover is best done with the assistance of a good friend or a professional (counselor, life coach, etc.)

Question of the Day: Have you discovered your purpose?

Action of the Day: Fill in the following sentence to start working towards a purpose statement: I am the (add a noun) that (add a verb that helps to describe why you are on this earth).  Here’s an example.  I am the (Conductor) that (helps them to free the music that is inside of them).

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

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