This is the page where you can get the latest and greatest on what I am working on.  This was inspired by the work of Derek Sivers after hearing him on Tim Ferris’ podcast.

  1. My Purpose/Passion Project: Helping Black professionals start purpose/passion projects so they can expand their impact in the world over at No More Reasonable Doubt dot com. You can follow us on Instagram: @NoMoreReasonbleDoubt
  2. My Family Project: Designing bow ties from gently used clothing.  This is a family project and you can learn more about “The Bow Tie Flow” HERE
  3. My Day Gig: Working in employer branding, employee experience and co-chairing the Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) at my company.  I am looking for opportunities to connect with those who provide the strategic direction for ERGs as I think that may be my next career move.  I am looking to use my strength of creating small communities in big spaces as a means to expand the feeling of belonging at a company.  Can you help?

Last updated: 2/16/2021