This is the page where you can get the latest and greatest on what I am working on.  This was inspired by the work of Derek Sivers after hearing him on Tim Ferris’ podcast.

  1. My Purpose/Passion Project: Helping Black professionals start purpose/passion projects so they can expand their impact in the world over at No More Reasonable Doubt dot com. You can follow us on Instagram: @NoMoreReasonbleDoubt
  2. My Family Project: Designing bow ties (pocket squares are on the way) from gently used clothing.  This is a family project and you can learn more about “The Bow Tie Flow” HERE
  3. My Day Gig: I am an HR Strategist focused on Employee Experience, Employer Branding and Employee Resource Groups.  I am looking for opportunities to connect with fellow practitioners who work in the employee experience space.
  4. When I’m not working: I can be found playing pickleball.  I learned the sport on 9/10/21 and haven’t looked back since.  I’ve helped build several pickleball communities including one at work. I am always, always game (pun intended) to talking and playing pickleball (I love teaching the basics as well).

Last updated: 3/13/2022