How Long Will You Continue to Dream Small?

There I was in Portland, OR for the first time at some conference called, the World Domination Summit.  It was the last day, I had met a gang of cool people who I had not heard of before this conference journey.  I was a little, overwhelmed by the awesome people and awesome content.  I sat in the audience with a mix of thoughts between, what is going to happen next and what am I going to do next.  I came there with one question in mind, “Was I dynamic or delusional.”  I have a varied background and love calling on it to help in current situations.  I was trying to figure it out and do the “conventional” thing and figure out the one group that I will focus on and make my target market.  I was ready to commit until I learned about Mondo Beyondo .


Mondo What?

Mondo Beyondo as funny as it sounds very serious.  It provides serious freedom to think and dream BIG.  I my case I knew what I was going to do next or at least try to do (it felt very stuffy, although probably the “right” thing to do for my business).  What Mondo Beyondo allows you to do and allowed me to do is look at my goals and plans and then at to it from the perspective of zero limitation and full permission.  I my example it meant continuing to move forward in my planning, but also have a space where I could dream about having a Multiple Niche or Mash-up business that allows me to use all of my experiences in one place.

Permission Granted

See for your self by visiting Mondo Beyondo and if you are so moved, sign-up for their 6 week course that will allow you to free your mind from the limitations that currently constrain super growth for you. 

When you visit be sure to tell Jen and Andrea Ambassador Bruny sent ya. 

 Here’s a Video that captures my excitement much better than my written words do. 








Mondo Beyondo 

Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

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