Storytelling is one of the key components of any successful employee advocacy / brand ambassador program.  It’s one of the skills you look for in an ambassador and it’s one of the key components in your on boarding training.  Well you are in for a treat in this 31:31 minute interview.  

I was lucky to get Nick Morgan as our first Audio guest.  For those of you who don’t know Nick, he’s this really cool and smart guy who teaches people how to change the world through their presentations.  You can find him at Public Words.  His latest book, Power Cues is now on my list of books to review before I give a presentation.   You should own a copy if you are looking have more influence and show up in a big way as a leader and how you can tell better stories.

The Only reason to give a speech is to change the world

Here is the interview session.  Below it are some of the questions from the show:  

A Few Questions I Asked Nick: 

  • Where do we start when it comes to power cues?
  • The importance of breathing and your voice; learn about your little “v” voice and your big “V” voice.
  • Is the big “V” the same thing as your full voice?
  • How do you define charisma?
  • Storytelling: What does, “Make your audience the hero mean?”

Helping your employees build their own personal brand is the best reward you could give them.  Need help?  I’d love to learn more about your specific situation; use this link to connect: Let’s Connect

Your Ambassador,

Mike Ambassador Bruny

Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

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