My Recommendations For Business Cards

A very cool thing happen during my presentation at Syracuse University.  Someone decided to take action.  I’m not talking about waiting one day or even one hour; right there and then action was taken.  What was the action you ask?  Keep reading to find out.

After my presentation, I got to do one of my favorite things; answer questions from the audience.  I love it so much because I can answer specific questions that have been keeping people stuck.  One person asked me, “What are your recommendations for business cards?”  I let them know three things:

  1. Don’t print them yourself
  2. VistaPrint is okay
  3. is better

I’m a fan of Moo because they have quality cards (see the video for my sound test) at a good price and they have high quality designs that you can choose from.  The fact that they have always provided me with quick delivery doesn’t hurt either.  If you haven’t been to I would highly recommend that you check them out.  You can even order a sampler pack to see what they have to offer (if you are one of those people who have to see if in person and feel it in your hands before you make a decision–don’t worry, I’m the same way).

One Guy Who Made a Difference

The Moo cards are not what made my experience so special.  It’s what happened after I mentioned the Moo cards that was amazing.  

Don Sawyer (administrator and Ph.D student at Syracuse University) shouted out: “how much do the cards cost?”  
I replied, “I don’t know.”  
A gentle who was on his iPad  said, “$25 for 50 cards.”  
Don scanned the room and said, “I will pay for the first 50 cards for everyone in this room who went through the presentation and stayed until the end of the Q&A session.”

I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s how all my presentations are supposed to be; someone in power is supporting the people (not saying the people can’t support themselves, but it’s nice to see).”  Please note, this wasn’t planned people.  Don saw an opportunity to be of service, to Run the Point, to take action and he took it.  Roughly 25 students stayed until the end and they will all get brand new high quality business cards because one person decided to take action.  I love it!

Are you interested in sponsoring business cards for graduating college seniors in your area?  Need help making the connection with the university?  I can help, just reach out to me at

If you are looking to get business cards, I recommend  you can use my refer a friend link (I will get me Moo credit and you save 10% on your purchase)

Q & A Video

I am starting a Q & A video series where I will answer any and all of your networking questions.  Just leave me a message on my email address or Twitter: @AmbassadorBruny and I will create the video, post it on this website and even give you a shout out if you would like.


As always my goal is to help you Run the Point (Take Action) from where you are, with what you have.

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

P.S.: You’ll be glad to know that Don is now part of the “Brothers With Bowties” group thanks to my handy, “How To Tie A Bow Tie” Video Click Here to see the video.

Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

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