This is one of those blog post that I wish I didn’t have to write, but there are lessons to be learned in every situation.  I ran into a hater at a conference and thought I would share the story and lessons learned.  Here is the video: 

I had a great time being part of the Massachusetts Conference for Women and it was almost ruined when I ran into a hater who wasn’t selected as a speaker and thought there was something to be gained by saying being a man and being Black is what put me over the edge to be one of the speakers.  I have to SMH because I’ve been working on this deal / relationship for over 1 year.

What Could Have Happened

  • I could have been crushed by the comments and ruined the rest of my conference
  • I could have been a smart ass
  • I could have, like the hulk, turned green and become an Angry Black Man

Lessons To Be Learned

  1. Focus: Focus on your circle of control and your circle of influence.  Getting caught up in things that you have zero control over doesn’t help you one bit.
  2. You’re on to something: Once you start getting haters, you are doing something worth hating.  Don’t stop; use their hate as fuel.
  3. Filtration: Even when you get “feedback” or input that you don’t like to hear or in a way you don’t like to hear it, look for any truth or something you can actually learn from it.

Conferences are a beautiful opportunity to connect with a lot of other like minded people.  Every so often you will run into mean (some on purpose and some unintentional) people.  Keep you head up and remember that what you are creating is a beautiful garden and have no time for weeds.  Pluck ’em and keep on tending to the garden.

Have you run into haters on your conference journey?  I’d love to hear your story and how you handled it. 

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As always my goal is to help you Run the Point (Take Action) from where you are, with what you have.

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Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

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