executive ellen

Executive Ellen

Theme Song:The Way We Were” by Barbara Streisand 

Description: Has been with the company for 10+ years.  Director or higher level.  They work very hard for the company and believe that if you take care of the company, it will take care of you and it has…so far.  She is excellent at her job. 
If there was a shift in her employment status, she believes her high title will serve as an easy way to find another job.  She is too busy to nurture her relationships outside of the company and has less than 500+ relationships in LinkedIn.  She looks at Social Media as something she doesn’t have time for.  She has all her golden eggs in one basket.
She doesn’t know that she need to build her personal brand beyond the ways of her company.

How’s work?  Have you had your head down working hard for your company at the expense of your own connections?  Do you have less than 500 connections on LinkedIn and really don’t touch base with those you are connected with?  Need help?  I’d love to hear about your personal situation and provide ideas and insights to help you be in a position to leverage all of your years of experience to build a thriving network and get you caught up on the basics of new media.  There are tools out there to make your life and work much easier; I can help.

We can talk for 30 minutes at no cost to you.  Let’s start with having you fill out my ideas and insight form. Link to the Ideas and Insight Form.