Affirmation: I have infinite hope

“Refuse to give up your mistakes don’t define you, they don’t dictate where you’re headed.”
~ T.I.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but not lose infinite hope.”
~Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On the way to Atlanta,GA home of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The man was about Service, Justice and Economics.  We remember the bright spots of his leadership.  We remember his dedication, resolve and speeches/sermons.

What we don’t remember is his fears and times of feeling defeated.  Did they not exist?  Do they exist for you?  It’s okay to admit it.

Just Don’t Get Stuck There

We all have our moments of disappointment, sadness, etc., but what do we do when we are faced with those times?  We can pretend it never happened, we can wallow in it or we can be with it for a moment and then look forward.

As I was finishing up graduate school and looking for employment I was rejected twice by the same employer (The BIG EAST Conference).  I could have let that crush me but instead I stayed connected with the people I met there and kept plugging away at my ultimate goal at the time, getting a job.

Eventually I found a full time gig.  Who hired me? One of the people I met from my first interview at the BIG EAST Conference.  He moved from the conference office and became #2 guy at UCONN (University of Connecticut).  My favorite line from my interview with him, “Basically all you have to do now is not spill soup on your tie and the job is yours.” Stay focused on the main goal and don’t burn bridges along the way.

The Point:

  • Stuff happens over and over again, get used to it.
  • Don’t let situations break you down (they do not define your worth)
  • Look ahead and keep working
  • Be open to opportunities that you did not expect
  • Stay in touch with the people you meet along the way.

Moves to Make:

  • Acknowledge disappointment, failure, fear, etc.
  • Ask the question, “What can I learn from this situation?” and “What would I do differently next time?”
  • Focus on your ultimate goal, knowing their will be bumps and temporary delays

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