Teaching Introverts How to Build Purposeful Relationships on Their Terms


    I worked with Mike Ambassador Bruny, in a slight panic, mere weeks ahead of World Domination Summit, where (I feared) I’d meet a ton of super-achievers that I’d be scared just to lay my eyes on.

    He truly lives up to his moniker. His straight-up delivery reassured me; his knowledge of the psychology, mechanics and technologies of networking impressed me; and his warm personality won me over. I learned a ton, but above all, I regained my footings and was able to attend the conference with confidence because of him.


    Making Connections Doesn't Have to be Hard

    Networking and making connections doesn't have to be hard.  The clearer you are on your goals and who you are, the easier it becomes to connect with others online and in person.

    But it's not that simple, is it?

    There are things that get in the way, everything from our own fear of being rejected, feeling like we don't have anything to offer and tactical things like, "I don't know how to start a conversation with a stranger or a group of strangers."

    How do I know all this?  I've helped individuals work through all of those challenges and have worked with conferences for several years on strategy to make their event a better networking experience for their attendees.  That includes using online tools like Slack to facilitate a very simple premise, "people who connect with others before an event are more likely to feel comfortable at the actual event."

    I love helping people make better connections in order to move their goals and cause forward.  Quite frankly, I haven't had much time to do it lately.

    Nearly a year ago I began my new 9-to-5 which came with a one hour (sometimes more) commute each way.  I spend a lot of time in my car, I listen to a lot of podcast, I do a lot of thinking and reflection.  Not bad use of my time but the most valuable part for me has been the conversations I've been able to schedule during my drive.  I was so inspired by the conversations and how much value I was able to add that I decided to create Drive Time Coaching.

    What is Drive Time Coaching?

    Drive Time Coaching is a 1-on-1 phone coaching program designed to help you be at ease with making the right connections needed to have the kind of impact you want to have in your career, business or cause.

    My focus is not about introducing you to a cookie cutter program designed to change who you are.  Every conversation is based on information you provide me in a pre-survey and customized for your situation and who you are.  We all have individual ways of communicating and building relationships.  This program approaches networking in a way that allows you to feel authentic during the process.  

    There are two available time slots everyday; one at 7:00 a.m. and another at 4:45 p.m.  Those are the "drive times."  I am literally in the car and ready to help you get to your destination [All Times are ET].

    Who is it Designed For?

    Drive Time Coaching is for self proclaimed introverts who are looking to make better connections so they can move their business, career or causes forward.  They may show up as:

    • The Job Seeker

      You are looking for your next opportunity and know just filling out one more application is not the answer to getting you where you want to be.  You need to connect with people. But you don’t know what to say to them.  I can help you create a networking plan to get you started.

    • The Entrepreneur

      You have a great idea but you are having a tough time connecting with the right people for partnerships.  Your energy really comes from doing the work, not connecting with people.  I can help you leverage your strengths and who you are to connect with the right people.

    • The Corporate Climber

      You understand that high performers have a deep and wide network.  You want strategies to better connect with others and to really start position yourself as a thought leader who others want to connect with. I can help.

    Get a Feel For Who I Am And How I Work

    Below are a few videos I created so you can get a better sense for me and my style.

    The Day I Found Out I Am An Extrovert With Introvert Tendencies

    Let's Talk About Mindset

    How Does the Process Work?

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      Hit the "Let's Do It," button to be directed to the secure PayPal page.

    • 2

      Complete the Short Questionnaire

      Complete the short questionnaire on the Thank You page so I have a better understanding of what you are looking to get out of our time together.

    • 3

      Schedule Your Coaching Session

      Lastly you'll get a link to my Drive Time Coaching Calendar.  Pick a time in the morning or afternoon that works for you and be prepared to be changed.

    How Much Does This Cost?


    The investment is for a 60 minute coaching session with me.

    I Still Have Questions

    Good!  Call or text me (617-943-1417) and I'll answer any questions you have.  Whatever it takes to get you going.

    What Others Have to Say

    Jullien Gordon

    I’ve known, Mike Ambassador Bruny for several years. In true Ambassador Bruny fashion anytime I needed anything his first response was, “I know someone you should talk to.”  There was the time I was building an app and needed insight from a trusted source; Mike connected me with an app developer.  There was the time I was looking for initial partners for my mastermind app; Mike was able to connect me with several business owners and coaches in his network.  Those connections helped me to shape the design and marketing of my app.  

    He uses his social network and social capital to help you increase your financial capital. There are spokes in this world and there are hubs. Mike is definitely a hub connected to many spokes. He is one hub that you definitely want in your network.

    Jullien Gordon Speaker | Author | Coach | Founder of Masterminds.org
    Tammy Benton

    Michael kicked off the inaugural session partnership between SXSW and Blacks in Technology for the SXSWi conference.  His session, entitled “The New Art of Networking” was so phenomenal that we rearranged the 2 day session schedule to have him come back and do an encore session!

    He was engaging and very knowledgeable about his subject matter.  He was well prepared and his presentation was focused on the needs of his target audience.  We look forward to partnering with Michael in the future!

    Tammy Benton SXSWi / BiT Session Czar
    Deborah Reber

    Even though I LOVE my work as a writer, speaker and coach, the question, “So what do you do?” has always turned this gregarious introvert into a stuttering, deer-in-headlights mess. I just didn’t know how to share what I did in a way that made sense or felt confident, and as a result, others didn’t have the chance to see what I’m all about. Enter Mike Ambassador-Bruny. In 5 minutes (!), Mike helped me understand how to answer that question in a way that felt completely comfortable and authentic, and best of all, I no longer dread hearing those five little words…I welcome them!

    Deborah Reber Best selling author, Speaker, writing coach

    I received an email communication about the “Body of Work Conference” in Phoenix; it sounded interesting but I wasn’t sure if it was for me and if I would gain much by attending.  I felt like I probably “didn’t belong” with the group of folks going to the conference since I don’t have my own business.

    However, after watching the videos from Mike and getting his emails I completely changed my mind.  I felt welcomed into the conference and part of the community.  His videos were short but to the point, his enthusiasm and sense of humor were captivating.  Mike got me very excited to attend the conference, and that was all based on this virtual engagement.

    I was not disappointed, the conference was amazing, I learned a lot, and made great connections.  I can’t thank Mike enough for making me feel welcome and energized to attend!  Thanks Mike Ambassador Bruny, you rock!


    Michael is a visionary go-getter! He’s one of those rare individuals with the strength and capacity to turn ideas into action.


    Free Online Conference Networking Course
    [$200 value]

    For a limited time when you sign-up for a Drive Time Coaching Session, I'll give you access to my online conference networking course.

    You don't need to take any extra actions, just sign-up for the coaching and I'll send you access to the online course.