hip hop affirmation of the day 9

Hip Hop Affirmation: i do the right thing regardless the situation


Are you in control? The situation shouldn’t matter; who you are and want to be should.

How many times do we let our situation decide how we act? We run into someone who is rude and we decide, “I’ll show ’em a thing or two with a good tongue lashing.”

Did you feel better afterward?

The answer maybe “yes,” but what did you really do? Did you put that person in their place or did they pull you out of yours? (think about that). Don’t let people take you off your game or off your path to living on a higher level.

Moves to make

  • Breathe: When a situation gets heated take a moment to literally breathe so you can slow things down so you are responding instead of reacting.
  • Practice: Somethings things are going to get crazy and if you have a pattern of quickly lashing out you are going to have to practice staying cool by thinking about different possible scenarios and how you will respond to them.
  • Trigger word(s): When a situation gets tense you can have a trigger word or phrase that reminds you to slow it down.  That trigger word is something you would come up with beforehand and it could be something you mutter under your breathe like, “It’s not worth it,” or “It’s not the stimulus, it’s the response.” 

Remember don’t just listen to the music, leverage it.

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