Hip Hop affirmation day 8

Hip hop affirmation: I Have All I Need To Make The Transition




Were you a Loser? Notice I used the past tense. No matter where you are or how you feel, you can make the transition to where you really want to be.

Many of you may enjoy hearing about what I have accomplished as a certified professional life coach working with young professionals, an author, “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life,” (What do you mean you don’t have a copy yet?), professional speaker, etc. What you may not know is….

I wasn’t always this way. I had to make a transition, excuse me, I meant I chose to make a transition. My freshman year of high school (what’s up to all my John Dewey peeps) I went to school everyday, but I never went to class. I decided to transfer to a different school (What’s up to my Lafayette peeps) for a fresh start. In addition, I went to night school and summer school (believe me, I would have went to night school in the summer as well if they offered it), just so I could graduate in 4 years.

I know, I know, it seems like hard work and there is no guarantee of success. A few tips from your Ambassador:
1. Know that it will be tough sometimes, but not all the time
2. Envision what life will be like once you make the transition (focus on the end goal)
3. Surround yourself with people who are also trying to make power moves and are not satisfied with, “good enough”
4. Know that if a kid from Brooklyn named, Mike Bruny who used to skip class, steal clothes and write graffiti on the wall made the transition to a better life, so can you.

Remember, don’t just listen to the music, leverage it.

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