hip hop affirmation day 6

affirmation of the day: when in doubt, i take action



Tweet: Tweet This: “So full of action my name should be a verb” @BigDaddyKane 

Are you all Talk? I deeply value thinking and planning, but nothing happens until I take action. I’ll share a secret with you….(come a little closer so I can whisper); “if you look at the window in my living room you will be amazed at how i’ve taken it over to serve as my planning board.

Using dry erase markers, I’ve listed all of the things that I’m looking to accomplish for my business this year. It’s a beautiful sight, but worthless until I take action. You are witnessing one of my actions: 365 days of hip hop affirmations brought directly to the people.
My passion for working with ambitious young professionals who are looking to gain more clarity, meaning and live a more fulfilling life has lead me to use what I’m passionate about (hip hop lyrics ) to move my company forward. I’m “running the point, from where I am, with what I’ve got.”

Don’t just listen to the music, leverage it. 

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