Hip Hop Affirmation day 5

affirmation: I got people


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What’s life like without a little encouragement? The high school season was winding down and I was sure my life as a football player was over. I sat on the table getting my ankle taped by one of the assistant coaches.

I was asked a strange question, “Where are you going to play football next?”

I responded, “Since, I’m not good enough to play Division I football, I guess this is it for me coach.”

He quickly let me know that Division I was just one option. There was Division IA,IAA,II,III, etc. Most importantly, he saw that I had the ability to play at the next level. Those words were enough to encourage me to go on and play Division III football, become the starting Free Safety by my Sophomore year, become one of the top 5 in tackles every year and becoming a captain my Senior year.

He believed in me before I believed in myself. Thanks coach Jacques, wherever you are! Just one of the countless examples in my life.

Who believes in you?

I know it may not always feel like it but there are people out there who believe in you and can see more for you than you can see for yourself.  

When you find these people hold on to them and keep them in your corner.

For what it’s worth, I’m one of those people.  We may not know each other or know each other that well, but I believe in the beauty in you.  I believe in your struggle and I know it’s meaningless.  There is something more for you out there and you’ve got to be willing to step in to it.

You down?