Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#359

“Cause money could never ever buy the feelin’, The one that comes from not concealin’; The way you feel about your friends, and this is how the story ends”~Kurtis Blow (Christmas Rappin’)

Listen to the Hip Hop Song: Christmas Rappin

Affirmation of the Day: I know the true meaning of Christmas

I drop buy today to remind my readers about the true meaning of Christmas.  It means many different things for many different folks, but at the root of it all is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who You Wit’ Makes a Difference

My good friend since high school, Joel (he is Haitian so it’s pronounced JOE – L, not JOEL, people), swung by with his family (wife and two people little girls: Anyah Mia and Liala Rae) for a little bit of Christmas hanging out and gift exchange.  Sure, we had some pretty cool exchanges (love my MacBook Pro carrying case and fan), but just spending time together is what made it special.  And guess what…

It Almost Didn’t Happen….”Yes,” I lied

Yesterday I got a call from my friend (Joel) and he told me he wanted like to stop by with his family on Christmas day (today) around 11 a.m.  He wanted to know if that would be okay.  I thought about it for a second; I knew as hard as my wife has been working, it was in my best interest to ask her opinion.

I decided not to ask her!

I knew if I asked, she would have said, “no” so we could be more prepared (clean up the house and such).  Instead I asked my friend to give her a call in the morning and tell her that he was in the area and going to stop by.  In the meantime I got up early and started cleaning the house.

It worked just as I had planned [insert evil laugh] and we were all together without all the extra planning and trying to reschedule because we were not, “ready.”

Fun was had by all and this was a Christmas to remember.

How was your Christmas?  Who did you spend it with?

Question of the Day: What does Christmas mean to you?

Action of the Day: Read the Nativity story in the Bible (Luke 2) or just click on the word “Luke”

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