Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day #350



Affirmation of the Day: The answer I seek is inside me

There are a lot of directions you could go and a lot of ways others may want you to go; parents, spouse, etc.  

But what is it that you want?  

You can read books to help you scratch the surface, but there are things that can only truly be answered and revealed by spending time with yourself.  Ask yourself some questions like, “What do I want?”  “What patterns have I noticed in my life?”  “What has worked for me, what hasn’t?” 

Take the time to actually get those answers.  Don’t have the time?  Get up 30 minutes earlier for the next week just so you can take on one of the questions above in a journal.  Here is a link to dope pen (made from recycled bottles) that you can pick up at your local Staples store.