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Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#347

“Cuz even though we survived through the struggle that made us, we still look at ourselves through the eyes of the people that hate us~Immortal Technique (Caught in a Hustle)

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Affirmation of the Day: I look at myself through the eyes of those who love me

Back to the East Coast after my last leadership retreat session in Northern California.  Throughout  our finally sessions, the useless old stories we told ourselves were being shed.  “I’m not good enough,” “there is no way I could do that,” “I’m not supposed to do that,” “I failed at that before, so I will fail at it again,” etc.

Many of those beliefs and stories came from other people and we adopted it as truth.  If we can adopt the negative as truth, we can do the same thing with the positive. One participant (Lady Karen)  in the leadership program had a brilliant idea to create a poster for each of the members in the group with positive regards from everyone else (sort of like a yearbook, but instead of a book, it’s on a poster).  There are 14 of us so we hung up 14 posters and had everyone go around and write down positive regards, words of appreciation and encouragement that will serve as a reminder of all the good things we bring to the table.  We could hang the posters in our homes or office and look at them when needed.

You could do the same thing with your group.  This may be a church group, school group or any other group of people who know you well.  It can be done in person or digitally by sending around a note and having people add to it and forward it to someone else in your group.

The whole point is to be reminded of your greatness and your goodness.  Trust me it’s there.

Question of the Day: If I asked the people who know you, what is great about you; what would they say?

Action of the Day: Find a mirror, look into your eyes and repeat after me, “I love myself, I love myself.”

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

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