Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#342

“My life is good, I got my peeps in the mix, so worst comes to worst, my people come first” ~Dilated Peoples (Worst comes to Worst)

Listen to the Hip Hop Song: Worst Comes to Worst

Affirmation of the Day: I love my people

I’m in Northern California for the 4th and last leadership retreat of a 10-month journey.  It’s been a great experience with what I have learned, who I have become and the unbelievable people I have connected with.  They are an international bunch and have peaked my interested in taking my work and message of Run the Point from where you are with what you have and Don’t die with your music inside you. My leadership group and some of other peeps are the ones who have encouraged the creation of my 1st ebook: “I’m Focused Man” which is free for download at http://bit.ly/focusedman1

Question of the Day:Who do you need to send some holiday love?

Action of the Day: Create a list of people to reach out to

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

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