Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#332

“Throughout setbacks and few glitches, the Big Picture is the focus, f@*k being hopeless” ~The Roots (Glitches)

Listen to the Hip Hop Song: Glitches

Affirmation of the Day: I keep my eyes on the BIG prize

This quote from the Roots really has me think about jobs or careers.  Many times we are in a job and everything is going along fine, until it isn’t.  You are laid off and you don’t know what to do with yourself.  You have been working in a particular industry or for a particular company for so long and you don’t think you can do anything else.  But wait a minute….

Here comes the focus on the big picture.  Either you had a picture when you started your current career or it is now time to create a big picture.  The big picture may have been to become a CEO or Director of something.  You have to ask yourself why you wanted those particular things.  Do you want to be a CEO so you can be in charge?  There are plenty of places you can do that, including starting your own business.  You want to be a Director, so you can have a certain about of influence in a company?  You can still do that in another industry or company.

There are two important things I believe you need to develop no matter where you are:

  1. Learn to Learn:  The skill of being able to “learn to learn” allows you to go anywhere and say, “I got this; I don’t know it now, but I will learn it.”
  2. Translating Skills: We all have heard about Transferable Skills (skills that you can apply in different situations or places); I want you to know about Translating Skills (that is the ability to look at the skills you have and translate them into something that can be useful in a different situation).  For example, are you great at filing?  What are you actual doing when you file.  You are creating a system that helps others and yourself stay organized and save precious time.  Don’t call is filing, call it organizational skills.
  • Look at all the bullets you have on your resume, grab a friend, family member or objective professional such as a professional coach (I’ll make time for you or refer you to someone I know if you would like) and start to tell the story behind each of those bullet points.  What is standing out to your partner?  Where do they think it could be applied outside of your current situation?

Question of the Day:What are some of your most valuable Transferable skills?

Action of the Day: Get with someone and start to discuss your skills and let them help you translate them for different uses.  Need more help?  Give me a call 617-302-6227 (no pressure)

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny