Hip Hop Affirmation Day 3

Affirmation of the day: Don’t just listen, leverage the music


It’s easy to underestimate the power of music.  In this case the power of hip hop as a motivating tool to get things done.

If we take a moment to listen to the words and align them with what we want to feel, we are on our way for a powerful experience. 

As we move along in the daily affirmations, think about what situation you would apply the lyrics and the affirmations.  

Personally, I have used music throughout my life to assist me with everything from finding the right words to say to a Junior H.S. crush, preparing for a presentation and to helping me express my feelings for my wife (e.g.: “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together, mami I’m good all by myself, but baby-girl you make me better.” by Fabolous featuring Neyo; Song: You make me better.).

Don’t just listen, leverage the music.