Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#290

“AND DON’T LET NOBODY WITH THE POWER TO SIGN EVER TELL YOU YOU AIN’T GOT THE POWER TO RHYME.” ~Kanye West (Just To Get By remix) submitted by Select Strands
Affirmation of the Day: I have the courage of my convictions
No picture today as I’m on the road. The message is still powerful without the visual. Do those crazy things that are in your head. I’m writing you from what will soon be a hair showroom with a private salon. All because some crazy guy had an idea and the guts to go to India and get fresh human hair. Gotta love it.

Question of the Day: What are you being told you can’t do?

Action of the Day:do it anyway! need help? reach out to me.

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny