Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#274

“MUSIC MY THERAPEUTIC WAY TO COPE WITH ALL THIS PAIN.” ~The Roots & John Legend (Little Ghetto Boy)

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Affirmation of the Day: I use music to increase my productivity

Ambassador’s Note: As we do every 1st of the month, I’m passing the mic to Scott Rossow to hit you with a special note.

Greetings, loyal readers!  So far we’ve discussed Email Marketing and Video Marketing and as superb as the content has been so far, if you’re unproductive, my gems don’t mean much.  SO, this month’s topic is increasing your productivity using music.

This is a topic that interests me and one that has been written about quite a bit.  The Mozart Effect or the ‘make your baby listen to classical music if you want him/her to get a college scholarship’ effect is the most-discussed and cited study.  In it, classical music was found to boost one’s spatial-temporal reasoning and assist in abstract thinking.  Other studies have been done to test whether the presence of music in a cube-monkey atmosphere is beneficial or not and the results are mixed.

Today’s discussion is not ‘DOES music make you more productive?’, it is ‘WHAT KIND of music makes you most productive?’  I want music on – regardless of my productivity levels, I have zero interest in working in silence.  I am happier when music is on so I will always opt for no silence.  Personally, I am in a better mood, I space out less, I need less breaks, and I am less distracted by other things (if no music is on, I’m ultimately bored and am more apt to Facebook my preschool nemesis).

After years of trial-and-error, I now have a specific type of music that keeps me working, on task, and at a good pace.  90% of hip-hop, R&B, and rock do not work for me because of the ‘sing-along’ factor (if I’m rapping along to ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ or belting out a singing-in-the-shower-quality rendition of some Maxwell, my head probably isn’t in my work).  I need constant, fast-paced, instrumental music with flow.  Jazz, upbeat jam-bands, and even instrumental hip-hop work best.  Minimizing distractions should be priority 1 and increasing work-speed / quality of work should be 2.  Much like the common observation that ‘I seem to drive faster when Lil’ Jon is on the radio’, the faster the music, the faster I type, the faster I move from one topic to another in my brain, and the faster I take internal breaks.  

RH Factor – Strength
Any Count Basie
DJ Premier Instrumentals
Galactic – Crazyhorse Mongoose
Soulive – Doin’ Something

Question of the Day: What is your go-to productivity music?

Action of the Day: Find your productivity music by experimenting.

Run the Point from where you are, with what you have!

Your Man,

Scott Rossow

Scott Rossow is a passionate Hip Hop Head, emerging Technology Sales/Marketing/Renaissance Man        with a passion for soulful music that sticks to your ribs, ribs that stick to your ribs, and the combination of all of the above.  Every 1st of the Month Scott with bring you information on Marketing so you can triple your worth.  Check him out on Twitter: @scottrossow, on facebook: facebook.com/scottyrossow , Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/scottrossow or send some love to scott.rossow@gmail.com