Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#266

” I’M AN ICON WHEN I LET MY LIGHT SHINE.” ~The Roots ft. John Legend (The Fire) submitted by my man David L.
Affirmation of the Day: I’m an Icon when I let my light shine
I’m really feeling this song.  It’s like one big hip hop affirmation.  Let’s see how many lyrics we can pull from this one over the next couple of days.  Today’s line really speaks to two things:
  1. Going for it and not playing small so others don’t feel threatened (check out this cool speech on the same topic–I know you are going to digg it)
  2. Do you; to take from uncle Russ’ book with the same title.  Just be yourself and you will be iconic.  Enough with the imitation; you are the best you that there will ever be, so own it baby!

Question of the Day: What happened the last time you let your light shine?

Action of the Day: Walk around today with the mindset, “you gotta love me or leave me alone.”

Run the Point from where you are, with what you have

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny