Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#194


Listen: http://tinysong.com/l3p1

Affirmation of the Day: Discipline makes things easier.  I organize my life.

Boy it all looks so easy from a distance.  The great speakers I know, the business folks I know.  They make it all look so easy.  When they provide you with tips on what you can do to be better, I write down notes like it’s my job.  I’m building  my client base for coaching and speaking (reaching out to colleges to provide my “7 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your College Life”) and you think it’s just as simple as picking up the phone or sending out an email to let folks know about the benefits for them.  In some rare cases that is the case.  One phone call or email gets everything done.  More often what I’ve found is that I have to do three things: 1. follow up, 2. follow up, 3. follow up.

Follow up is not for the faint of heart.  You have to work that calendar and write down your next steps everytime.  It has paid off for me and i’m sure it will do the same for you no matter what you are trying to get after.  Remember the onus is not on the person you are trying to reach to, but it’s up to you to keep trying to get in touch with them.

Would you like a partner to increase your follow up skills?

Question of the Day: What would be different if you followed up more?

Action of the Day: For the next 2 weeks jot down the next steps for actions you take and put it in your calendar so you know when to follow up.

*A cool book I may have referred to you before is, “Getting thing done,” by David Allen.  Check out this summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done

Keep Running the Point from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny