Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#181


Listen: http://tinysong.com/740B

Affirmation of the Day:“Every wrong turn is an opportunity for me to learn something new.”

Networking increases your chances for success.  It’s not about what you know or even who you know, but who knows you (they have to be willing to speak on your behalf or it really doesn’t matter if you know them).  That being said, I’ve been working hard on building my coaching clientele of young ambitious professionals.  There was an alumni networking event last night put on by a group called The Partnership, Inc. (The Partnership,Inc. is a leadership development org. in Boston) from 5:30p to 8p.  I didn’t make it in time despite leaving my house at 5:30p.  Here’s the breakdown of what happened. (i.e. What had happen was)

5:00p – Got all the networking essentials together (biz cards, books, intro, address to the venue in my phone’s GPS)

5:30p – head out the door with an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of 6:30p

6:30p – still sitting in traffic, but looks like I will at least make it for 7p (1hr of networking)

6:45p – I’m driving back and forth on South Street but can’t find 107 South Street and the restaurant.  All I see there is a church but we are supposed to meet at a restaurant. Yikes I can’t fight it any more, I’ve been holding my pee since 6p.  I take a left turn and there is a park.  The coast looks clear, I quickly jump out and hit the bushes.  I didn’t know it on a walking/biking trail.  “Good evening folks, might find day we’re having.” LOL. Back to the car (I didn’t realize I left the ignition running)

7:00p- I get to a different restaurant in the area, ask for help, but this is the only South Street they know of in Boston.  We ask a cop, he doesn’t really know.  I decide to look at the invite and search for the restaurant instead of the street address.  It’s in a totally different location.  I was in Jamaica Plains, but needed to be near South Station.  I put the new address in the GPS.

7:30p – I’m on my way to the right location and I figure I’ll be there in no time.  I run into more TRAFFIC and miss my exit.  I was about to give up as I saw the highway that would take me home, but I was determined to get to the correct 107 South Street in the South Station area.

8:15p – I arrive at my intended location.  Only 2 people still there and the 2 organizers.  I introduce myself chat with them for a bit, we exchange business cards and I decide that I deserve a beer.  I grab a beer and an order of mussels before I head back home.

The moral of the story: Never just go by the address you are given to a location.  If it’s a restaurant or a bar, look up the actual place and pull the address from there.

How did I keep myself from going crazy?: I spit out a couple curse words, smiled and reminded myself, “The folks I’m supposed to connect with will still be there.”  Here’s to staying positive, peeing in public and Global Positioning Systems.

Question of the Day: Do you have the right address to where you are heading?

Action of the Day: Double check your destination and don’t be afraid to change directions.

Run the Point from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny