Hip Hop Affirmation of the Day#182 (Monthly Special Marketing Series)

Ambassador Bruny’s Note: Happy 1st of the month. It’s time to get paid! Allow me to introduce my man Scott Rossow who is a passionate Hip Hop Head, emerging Technology Sales/Marketing/Renaissance Man with a passion for soulful music that sticks to your ribs, ribs that stick to your ribs, and the combination of all of the above. Every 1st of the Month Scott will bring you information on Marketing so you can triple your worth.


Listen: http://youtu.be/I7SUvfYG1wo

Affirmation of the Day: Put me anywhere on God’s green earth and I will triple my worth

Without further delay please give a warm Hip Hop Affirmations welcome to Scott…

Our fearless Ambassador has invited me to join you all to share some of my life experiences, expertise, and passions in a monthly guest appearance based on Jay-Z’s quote above. I hope to soon become the Scott Snoop Dogg of Ambassador Dre’s ‘G Thang’ and bring a new face and perspective to the party.
Week one of this series is the value of Email Marketing (https://us.epsilon.com/epsilon-peoplecloud-overview/digital-media-solutions). To those unaware, Email Marketing pretty much refers to the emails in your Inbox that are not from close friends, Facebook, or FWDs of chain-letters from Aunt Helen. The Gap’s 4th of July Sale, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Weekly Specials, and the Daily Hip-Hop Affirmations all apply.
With the obvious growth of social media marketing, there has been a decrease in discussing Email Marketing, but no other marketing method can boast the numbers email can. According to a 2008 study by the Direct Marketing Association, for every dollar spent on Email Marketing, $43.62 of revenue was generated.
I’m sure the audience is mixed here but whether we are discussing large or small organizations, an ROI of 4300% is extraordinarily difficult to come by. 2pac and Master P were just “tryin’ to make a dollar out of 15 cents” how about trying to make a dollar out of .02 cents (yes I did that math with a calculator, and yes, it took me a couple times testing my math to make sure I was correctly using the calculator). As you all have witnessed in your own Inboxes, Email Marketing is utilized by pretty much every type and size company and organization. (Personally, I am just as likely to head to my favorite Boston Tapas spot after an Email Campaign than I am to purchase something from Buy.com after their Email Campaign.) On top of that, Email is beginners wanting to send to an email list of 500 or less can find a handful of vendors who let you do that for free, literally $0 cost.
Depending on your comments, series #2 can be a more targeted discussion on a specific Email Marketing topic (how to increase open rates, how to build your list, what content to put in an email, where to learn about getting started, etc). Don’t be shy” welcome me to the blogosphere and let me know what you want to discuss next.

Run the Point from where you are, with what you have!


Scott R.