Hip Hop Affirmations of the Day#169


Listen: http://tinysong.com/sSMD

Affirmation of the Day: “I understand that times change and I am ready!”

During a conversation with one of my leadership program buddies a question came up around being, “Ambassador Bruny.”  The question was,  “How long have you been Ambassador Bruny?”  My answer was, “All my life.”  You see I did not create Ambassador Bruny, I discovered and embraced what was always there.  Well what about the specifics? Two events took place that helped in making the shift and discovery:

1. I decided to go with an idea that I had been kicking around for a couple of years.  I held a “vision board” party where folks came dressed up how they would like to be in the future.  It was held at my home and I invited one of my mentors / friends Andre Taylor to be part of the event.  I put together all kind of events including a station where you could create a vision board and a session where Andre shared some of his entrepreneurial expertise and the behind the scenes of what it takes to be successful. Putting on an event where people could show up how they want to be in the future was my way of representing the best that we see for ourselves (Very Ambassasdor-ish).

2. I went to a branding event that was put on in NYC by Andre Taylor.  While there one of the things we focused on was choosing words that described you.  Ambassador Bruny was born.  It’s not a brand, it’s a way of life.  I  am all about representing the highest vision of the people I interact with each and everyday.  Yes, that includes you, my readers.

How may I be of Service to you?

Question of the Day: What words describe what you stand for?

Action of the Day: Find your word and use it.

Run the point from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassasdor,

Mike Bruny