Hip Hop Affirmation day 11

Hip Hop affirmation: There is more to what you see


Tweet This: “IT’S BIGGER THAN HIP HOP,” by Dead Prez

The lyric above answers the question that we often get, “Why Hip Hop?”  Why use Hip Hop lyrics as a means to teach personal and professional development?

I’ll tell you there are several reasons

  • It’s a language we understand: You might as well use what you know and understand to make an impact in this world
  • It’s a language that is misunderstood: We see the opportunity to shed the light on a subject that is really misunderstand and often expressed in a very biased way.

Look around you.  What is only being taken at the surface level?  Where is the opportunity to flip the script and share a deeper meaning about something that is usually viewed in a certain way.

Moves to Make

  1. Start sharing how you see things. Start a blog
  2. Connect the people who see things in a similar way.  Hold a meet-up to move it from the web to in-person
  3. It’s a long game: Be prepared to be at it for a while.  It’s a slow moving train but you can build momentum and pick up supporters if you keep it moving.

Don’t just listen to the music, leverage it!


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