Module 4: Follow Up [Resource Page]

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The basic follow-up (get done within 24hrs):

“It was a pleasure meeting you at [insert name of conference]. I enjoyed our conversation about [insert what you spoke about] and look forward to staying in touch."

Basic follow-up (for a situation where you promised something):

Same as above, but add this at the end: “Here are the names of the people I promised to connect you with: [insert names]. I let them know that you will be reaching out to them. Let me know how it goes and if you need anything else on my end."

If it's been a while since you connected:

I apologize for not reaching out earlier. We met at [insert name of conference]. I wanted to check in and see how things are going in your world.

On my side i've been working on [insert what you are working on]. What is the latest and greatest on your side? When we first met you mentioned that [insert something from your original conversation]. As always, please let me know if I can be of service in anyway."

*Tip: Use holidays as a way to reconnect with people. Use the reconnect script but begin with, “Happy/Merry [insert Holiday]."

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