#Hashtags to Handshakes

The New Art of Conference Networking

You probably fall into one of several categories if you are on this page. You are either Ready to Start or Need More Info. Don’t worry I’ve got you both covered and will have you saving time when it comes to making connections at your next conference. It’s what I do.

Conference Coaching Package

Ready to go

I’m assuming that you are visiting this page because you are ready to get down to business and rock your next conference. Firstly though, have you taken a look here to see how you can get it planned? Anyway, I’m ready to help. If that is true, I’ll say you the hassle of reading a whole lot of text. Hit the buy button below and send me an email (Mike@AmbassadorBruny.com) so we can schedule our first call:

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Need more information

If you still need some additional information, read on my friend. I have a Frequently Ask Questions section at the bottom of the page. If I didn’t answer one of your questions, simply send me an email and I’ll get back to you right away.

You’ve already spent the BIG bucks on your conference registration, transportation, hotel and budgeted for food and drinks with No guarantee of any return on your investment. I want to help you make some of your money back and save time by connecting with the people you need to and want to connect with.

There is nothing more stressful than feeling overwhelmed and feeling like everyone else is making connections and having a good time. I can help you get back to a place where you are calm and ready to shine like the star you are.

What you will get

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: $400 value
    • 60 Minutes of Conference Preparation Coaching on the phone or Skype
    • 1 60min session or 2 30min sessions to prepare you for your conference (best if done 3 to 4 weeks before your conference)
    • 1 15min refresher call the week before you head to your conference
  • Personalized Affirmations: $35 value
    • 5 Custom made affirmations just for you and your unique situation to help you get unstuck.
  • Worksheets: $40 value
    • 8 professionally designed excel prep sheets (they are functional and beautiful)
  • The E-book: $50 value
    • Copy of the 35 page e-book, “Hashtags to Handshakes: The New Art of Conference Networking.”
Valued at $525

Your actual Investment: $199 (60% savings)

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What others are saying:

“I use social media. I go to lots of conferences. I meet lots of people. But making that all work seamlessly is not always easy. Working through Mike

“Ambassador” Bruny’s: Hashtagstohandshakes program has given me new tools to add to my connector toolkit. “We chatted on Twitter, didn’t we?” was the response I got when I met someone face-to-face at an event just this past weekend. Real strategy, real tools… for the real-world.”

Natalie Currie, Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Facilitator

#Hashtags to Handshakes” provides a must-know skill for networking and relationship-building through social media. While the program teaches you to make valuable connections at conferences, the application extends to every day use of social media for networking. For me, as an introvert, it also provides a strategy to turn a dreaded moment — walking into a social event and not knowing a soul – into something I actually look forward to! It’s also provided a means to make the most out of conferences. In the past, I’d go to conferences with the goal of meeting people, but never found it possible in the midst of speakers, events and busy schedules. Now, I don’t have to leave networking results to serendipity: #Hashtags to Handshakes provides a methodology I can use effectively. I’d highly recommend understanding Mike’s concepts for networking, whether you’re looking for a job, buying or selling services or just want to meet interesting people. By the way, I met Mike first on Twitter and then a conference – a great example of #Hashtags to Handshakes and how it really works!

Sharlene Sones
Founder & Brand Strategist

“The Hashtags to Handshakes program required that I look ahead at the conference and determine what my goals were going to be and also what actions I would need to take to achieve those goals. The day of the conference turned out to be a rough day for me overall, so having made these decisions ahead of time really helped me get the most out of the conference despite the day’s challenges.”


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100 % Money back guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy and say, “you know what I don’t want the conference coaching package; I’m better off with my $199 than the support.” If that thought crosses your mind, you’ll be glad to know after 30 days of purchase you can ask for a 100% refund. Just let me know; I won’t make you jump through hoops of fire or have you call one phone number to be redirected to a different number and then placed on hold.

If I can’t help you with your conference needs then it’s best that we part ways

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Still have questions? Let’s see if I’ve already answered it below in the Frequently Asked Questions below. If not, feel free to contact me directly with the following subject line: Conference Networking Coaching Program.
Here is my email address: Mike@AmbassadorBruny.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we coordinate time for our first coaching Call?
We’ll start off with an email and then coordinate time moving forward using my online calendar

When do I get my affirmations?
You will receive your affirmations following our first session. I will provide you with an mp3 file that you can download.

When do I get the ebook and worksheets so I can get going?
You will receive both the ebook and worksheets as soon as you sign-up for the program.

How many people will you be taking on during this program?
In general I work with 5 individuals at a time. Once that number is reached there will be a waiting list. Reach out and we can talk it through.

When do you suggest we reach out to you to get started?
The easy answer is right away, but it really depends on your conference schedule. I would suggest reaching out when you are within 3 months of your next conference and as close as 2-weeks away from your conference. We need enough time to go through your personal situation and make sure you have your plan in place.

TOO BE CONTINUED… (come back often as I will be updating this section as more questions come in)