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There is a lot of research pointing to the advantages of leveraging your employees to be brand ambassadors.  We have everything from Edelman speaking to the trust that people have in everyday employees (as opposed to executives and PR) to the advantages of having an engaged workforce.  The truth is turning your employees into a marketing force just makes sense.  They are already on social media and there is a good chance that the people who they are connected to look to them for advice when it comes to your products or services.  Why not arm them with the skill and support needed to officially be brand ambassadors for you.  Maybe you already know it’s something you would like to do, but just don’t know where to start.  I can help.  

Who this is for: For the marketing or HR professional (that’s where I’ve seen these programs live) who is ready to turn their employees into a marketing force for their company

What do I get:

  • You get a strategic plan that starts with an assessment of where you company is on the journey to creating an ambassador program.  Truth is, you may not be ready.  I can help you find out if you are indeed ready and then help you layout the infrastructure needed to have a successful ambassador program.  All ambassador programs are not built the same so I cannot provide you a cookie cutter plan.  It’s only after working together can I create something that will provide you a roadmap for success.  
  • 2 Months working together to assess and come up with a strategic plan


  • For the strategic plan you will invest $12,000 over 2 months. 


What is it: In this speaking series, I cover the 7 principles needed to be a successful employee ambassador.

Who is it for: This presentation is designed for employee brand ambassadors

What do you get:

  • Survey assessment on what is working well and what the biggest challenges are of your brand ambassadors
  • co-creation approach that involves getting your understanding of where your program is working well and where it has an opportunity for improvement
  • Delivery of a 1 hour and 30 minute interactive presentation

Investment: $5000


What is it: Just because you have trained your employee ambassadors in social media and provided them a clear understanding of your brand message, it does not mean they are ready for the conference environment.  Many people do an excellent job when it comes to one-on-one communication, but the hustle and bustle a conference makes them quiver.  That’s where I come in.  I help prepare and put your employees at ease so they can put their best foot forward.  I have created a program called, Hashtags to Handshakes that I will use to prepare your employees to attend their next conference. 

Who is it for: This program is for trained employee ambassadors who are getting ready to head to conference on behalf of your company.

What do I get:

  • Survey assessment before your Ambassadors  go to the upcoming conference
  • 2 hour interactive presentation that covers the basics of Hashtags to Handshakes
  • 1 hour tele-seminar or Google+ Hangout after the conference to help answer questions and ensure you make the most out of the connections made at the conference

Investment: $6000