You’ve already gone through Phase 1: Assessment and now we are on our way to Phase 2: Build.  Build has 2 parts to it.  Building relationships and building community.  In this post we are going to focus on Building Community

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3 Things you can do to build community as you become a Brand Inside a Brand at work

Bring People Together

Where is the opportunity at your company to pull together people who have similar views are similar goals?  

It only takes one person to take the lead and make the suggestions, invite folks to come out and get it all started. 

There are people who are considered connectors (they just seem to know everyone).  You want to invite them and ask them to bring people who fit the criteria you have set. 

Focus On Strengths 

When you get the people together, pay attention to what their strengths are and how the dynamics are working within the group. 

The focus on strengths sets the group up to be able to help each other in various areas and it also creates the opportunity to use the group to get bigger things done.  That’s my next point.  Take on bigger missions. 

Take on Bigger Missions

I have a group of gentlemen who I gather with in my local area.  We meet every other Sunday for coffee.  We talk about all kinds of things, including our respective work, family and how to over come obstacles. 

The really cool thing is that over time we have really gotten to know each other and have a sense of each others strengths.  That knowledge has allowed us to create a bigger Meet up group focused on helping people express their art (not just talking paint brushes and pencils here, but that thing you cannot not do).

We were also able to put together a charity: water campaign that raised over $10,000 in 8 weeks by leveraging the power of new media.  

Those missions we took on also allowed us to build our skills and things we can add to our bio.  

All things that can help in becoming a Brand Inside a Brand. 

You are getting closer to moving from just being “inside a brand,” to becoming a “Brand Inside a Brand.”  Are their any specific questions I can answer for you about building community?

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As always, my goal is help you Run the Point (take action) from where you are, with what you have.

Your Ambassador,

Mike Ambassador Bruny 

Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

I have a deep desire to help spread entrepreneurial thinking as the solutions to many of our problems today. I am a project kind of guy who loves to get things started. When I'm not in search of contract work (projects) that I can do during the nights and weekends I can be found working as a mild mannered Digital Content Manager for Babson Executive Education.