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 The World Of Work Has Changed

The dream of working for one company for 20 - 30 years and retiring with a gold watch is just that; a dream.  

The reality is that you will probably end up working for many different companies in different industries throughout your career.  If you don't like the idea of always starting over you could start your own business.  But wait, what if that isn't for you either?

You can embrace the fact that with each change you leave with a few things:  The skills you've built, the connections you've made and the name that you've made for yourself at that company and in that industry.

Speaking of names...

What comes to your co-worker's mind when they hear your name?  

You might have just taken a gulp because you either don't know or are afraid it's negative.  The good news is, you can do something about it and I can help.

If you asked your co-workers the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the words Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple or Disney, what do you think they would say?  They might mention a service or a product belonging to those companies, but that is not their most valuable asset.  Their most valuable assets are the name recognition and the trust they've built over time.  That's what gives them permission to sell different products and services.

How they want to be known (branding) isn't left to chance.


Branding isn't just for big companies.  The way we want to be known at work and in the world is something we can (and should) be proactive about. 

Brand = How you want to be known

Reputation = How others know you

How you want to be seen and how you are seen should match.  

It starts by being who you really are in every situation.  You need to bring your whole being to work so you don't suffer from multi-branding syndrome.  "Wait a minute, who you are at work / online is totally different from who you are in person."  

Why does branding even matter?  Because positions change, titles change and companies change, but a trusted name last forever. 


Building Your Brand Gets You:

Check  new connections that allow you to get work done faster

Check  an increased chance for promotion, more money and more recognition

Check  the opportunity to work on projects aligned with what you care about

Check  the opportunity to attract likeminded individuals to be part of your crew

Check  new skills, which will make you more attractive to other companies

Check  more options, no matter what you decide to do next


No need to panic, I've been that employee who wanted more out of my current job and wanted my values outside of work to be present inside of work.  Instead of jumping ship, I decided to work from where I was to build the situation I wanted. I can teach you how to do the same thing.  

Mike, you're an awesome coach! Thanks for being tough on me during those times I was impeding my own progress. I now have: 1. a keener sense of who I am, and who I can become. 2. a written road map that summarizes my current state, future state vision and the specific actions I need to take to achieve my goals. 3. an improved action orientation, now fully appreciating how critical it is to "take action now!" 4. a dramatic increase in confidence in myself and my vision. ~George; Corporate Executive

A Little Bit About Me

My story is simple.  Ambassador Bruny

I started out as a disgruntled employee and ended up working on a dream assignment that used all of my strengths and was valuable to my then-employer, Intel.

Of course the transition didn't just happen.  I was working as an Operations Manager, but didn't feel my greatest strengths were being used enough.  So I did something about it. 

I kept working in my role as a manager but took steps to get clearer on who I am and how I wanted to show up at work.  I wanted to be the "go-to" person for people issues so I became a certified life coach.  I wanted to leverage my speaking and presentation skills, so I said, "Yes" to opportunities to be a trainer and facilitator.  I wanted to use the project and community management skills I was building outside of work, so I helped create a peer empowerment team of people from various departments to proactively work on issues.

I was even nominated to be part of the initial employee "Brand Ambassador" team at Intel and later worked on the community management strategy.

The more I decided to be unapologetically me, the more opportunities came that aligned with my brand.

I was able to get myself out of a so-so job into one I really loved based on all the skills I learned outside of work.

I’ve lived becoming a brand inside a brand and want to use my experience to help you do the same.

That's why I created Brand Inside a Brand Coaching program.  It's for professionals who like their work, but want to bring more of themselves to it and build a personal brand that allows them to shine.


We Should Work Together

I work with corporate professionals who enjoy what they do but want to build their own brand so they can have more impact, meaning and opportunities. 

You may be a senior executive who has been heads-down, working hard for years.  You need to build your own brand but don't know where to start.  Let me be your confidant in exploring all that you know and transforming you into a thought leader. 

You may be someone who has been working for a number of years and would like to bring more of your values to work.  You want to work on assignments that feel more meaningful to you.  I can help you gain clarity and align your goals with that of your organization. 


This Might Not Be For You

Sad but true, I'm not a good fit for everyone.  (A single tear rolls down my cheek.) If you want to leave your current job ASAP or are just want to update your resume, I'm not the guy for you.  I'm more than happy to refer you to someone who can help you. 

7 Key Skills to Becoming A Brand Inside A Brand

I serve as a trusted advisor and sounding board, offering a diverse corporate and entrepreneurial perspective.  Our work together will be grounded in 7 key skills.


Where you are on your journey to becoming a brand inside a brand will determine where we focus.  The 7 skills listed above make up the Brand Inside a Brand foundation.

Ambassador Bruny has a keen eye for detail and an exceptional handle on presence, persistence and futuristic thinking. His ability to home in on the challenging areas of one's career and life path and provide knowledge-based insight mixed with wisdom was extremely helpful to me... and that was early on in his current path. He is appropriately named the Ambassador and I would recommend him and his expertise to anyone daring enough and courageous enough to be successful! ~Emmett; Professor

Private Coaching 

What Clients Are Saying

Mr. Bruny has a knack for inspiring and motivating others so that they may be able to see their full potential at achieving their goals. His way of getting and keeping you excited and staying on track towards your goals makes you always want to have him in your back pocket when you feel like you may be losing your fire. I'd recommend Mr. Bruny to anyone who feels like they need a guide to help them focus and make a clear vision of the life goals they may want to achieve ~John; Entrepreneur

What's The Next Step? 

Let's find out if we are a good fit for each other.  Please fill out the short form below and I will respond to you within 24 hours.  I respect your privacy and will never share your information.  I  ask for the information below so I can provide you the best service possible and make sure I do not waste your precious time.  Cool?

And "No," I will not add you to any mailing list (you can do that yourself); that would be tacky. 

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