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Being Pissed Off

Some things really piss me off.  Not returning my phone calls or emails and making promises in person and disappearing once we part ways top the list. 

How Can This Be A Good Thing?

Being pissed off (a negative reaction and usually not worth much) is telling you and me that something we care about is being stepped on.  In the case of not returning messages and making empty promises, what I really care about is people, making connections and integrity.  Seth Godin spoke about caring enough to do the work in one of his blog post.  You first have to discover what you care about. 

My Story

Part of my work includes helping people get ready to make great connections at conferences.  I train them in conference networking.  I don’t just do this with individuals, I also approach it from the conference organizer side of things as well.  I help them create the environment and create the opportunities that make their event “connection ready” (there is work done before, during and after the conference to help their attendees).

I’ve been working on this one particular conference for about 2 years now.  I made a personal contact there and the person left.  I reached out to someone else there but they never returned my emails (I know they are the right person).  I left it alone.

Later on I had a conversation with someone else who works with the conference mentioned above and was telling him what I was working on (I honestly just wanted his perspective as someone who puts on big events).  He provided valuable feedback and at the end of the conversation he said he was going to connect me with the conference organizer from the conference I mentioned before.  He mentioned they were at the point where they are working on the networking aspect of the conference and they don’t have a plan at the moment.

At that point I disclosed that I had been in touch with that event but they did not get back to me.  He asked I provide a few pieces of information and he would send it along. 

I followed up with the event organizer to let them know that this person wanted to connect us.  No response

I waited a few weeks and finally called them and left them a voice message.  Before I called, I tried to put myself in their shoes.  With the event about 2 months away they are probably overwhelmed so I let them know I would make everything turnkey for them.  No response

What Do You Do Next

My suggestion is that you reach out to people 3 times before you give them a break.  I like to have my 3rd message be one that lets them know I must have reached the wrong person and would appreciate it if they connected me with the right person.  I also let them know that I would hope they would reply out of professional courtesy (it doesn’t always work). 

Call it sour grapes but at some point I decide that this is not the kind of person / organize I want to do business with.

My last email will be one that wishes them a great event and keep it moving. 

It’s Not Your Fault

Always check how you are doing your work and if there are ways you can improve but please keep on doing your work and don’t let the few who haven’t been schooled in professional courtesy drive your decisions.  

Take the quote literally, “When you first come in the game, they try and play you; drop a couple of hits, look how they wave to you.”  It’s only a matter of time my friend.  Keep after it and keep making new discoveries about yourself and what you care about.

As always, my goal is to help you Run the Point (take action) from where you are, with what you have.

What’s your most pressing professional development question at the moment?  Maybe I can help?  You don’t have to do it alone, I’m opening up a few coaching spots.  Email me at to connect. 


Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

I have a deep desire to help spread entrepreneurial thinking as the solutions to many of our problems today. I am a project kind of guy who loves to get things started. When I'm not in search of contract work (projects) that I can do during the nights and weekends I can be found working as a mild mannered Digital Content Manager for Babson Executive Education.