"If you ain't aim too high, then you aimed too low." ~J.Cole



Hey this is your boy Ambassador Bruny.  Just when I thought I would be in retirement forever J.Cole drops a hot album with lyrics like the one above.  I may have to make occasional appearances when lyrics like this hit the scene.

I’m contemplating if I should just create one post that contains all of the lyrics from one album or break them up into individual posts.  For now this one will stand alone, but you never know what will come down the pike using the album artwork.  

I have a question for you; how is your aim?  Is it too high or too low. 

I’ve found that it’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond instead of going big and going for the big pond.  Recently I’ve been going through that same situation with CrossFit. 

I’ve been in the foundations class for 6 weeks at the time of this writing and I could just stay in that foundations class and never go to the next level because it’s working for me, I’m getting a bit of a workout and many times I’m coming in first.

What Happens When You Leap

Moving up to the next level in CrossFit will probably require me to push myself in a way that I haven’t been pushed so far.  I probably won’t be able to finish, I won’t be “The Man,” but I will be getting better if I stick with it and use my athlete stick to it mindset.

There were two pieces in the paragraph above:

  1. I’m making an assumption about what it will be like, without actually having gone through it.
  2. I believe that it takes time to get better at whatever you decide to do.  Stick with it and watch the magic happen.

What About You?

Where is the opportunity for you to aim higher and quick playing small?  Share in the comments below and set yourself free to go to the next, next level. 

It’s time to up your game son.