Let's Keep It Professional


Hi, I'm Mike Ambassador Bruny and I'm passionate about connections, community and strategic partnerships as a means to getting thing done.  

I'm a problem solving, people loving, values driven, connection seeing, relationship building guy. How do I know? My Strength Finder tells me so. (1. Restorative, 2. Woo, 3. Belief, 4. Connectedness, 5. Relator).

I use my strengths to build community wherever I go and to help solve problems.

I've worked with entrepreneurs, corporations and have even lent my skills to non-profits-- see my charity: water campaign centered around a 24hr social media-thon on G+ Hangouts.

I've worked at Intel for almost 10 years as an Operations Manager and Employee Brand Ambassador Strategist. My philosophy is simple, get to know the people and what they want; let them know what you want; see where you can merge the two as often as possible.

Outside of Intel, I'm a certified life coach (CTI grad) and professional speaker at all kinds of great institutions of higher learning and conferences like SXSW. I created a program called, The New Art of Conference Networking: Hashtags to Handshakes that teaches conference participants and organizers how to transfer online contacts to powerful offline relationships.

Currently I serve as the Digital Content Manager for Babson College's Executive and Enterprise Education department. 

When not working, I can be found turning hip hop lyrics into affirmations or wearing one of my many bow ties--I actually launched my own charitable bow tie line .

I am a proud member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and former Ambassador for Keith Ferrazzi's My Greenlight relationship building program.

Let's Get Personal 

I'm original from Brooklyn, NY born to Haitian parents so I consider myself Haitian-American.   I am a man of faith, believing in God and Jesus (I didn't find Jesus, or he found me until I was in my late 2o's) I like to think and take action, hence the quote on my home page.  My default response is, "So what we gonna do?" <--If the answer is, "nothing," let's stop talking than.  I write down my values everyday (ok, almost everyday) as an acronym: CHAPS

Clarity | Creativity |Harmony | Achievement | Possibility |Preparation | Positive | Structure

I also write down what I consider to be my Operating System, formally known as the Ambassador's Creed Everyday:

Run the Point (Take Action)

Be a Wounded Healer (Take action from strengths)

Superman's Superman (We all need help)

The books we read (keep learning)

The people we meet (keep connecting)

Reciprocity (give and receive freely)

Your Music (Don't die with your music inside

  Underdog stories like Rudy can make me cry When I first called my now wife, she never returned my phone call.  When I saw her I would say, "I so sorry to hear about your finger accident that stops you from calling me back." I'm a first time dad to Emerson, who is so freaking adorable (yes, I am biased) I hate injustice and ill during (I get a visceral reaction that lets me know that I care) I believe being an athlete is a mindset I am a former collegiate athlete in Football and Track.  I hold the record for the indoor 65 meter dash.  Funny thing is, my college (Hartwick) no longer has track so I'm the reigning champion (makes me laugh).

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