I’m honored to help working professionals take the necessary steps to have more impact, connections and opportunities at work.  Meet the four personas I work with. 

They may have a male or female name attached but they are gender neutral.  Hit the READ MORE link on the one you related to most.  



transitionaltinaTransitional Tina: is new her role or company but has been in the workforce for a number of years.  She’s had some wins and some losses under her belt.  She realized that just keeping your head down and working hard is not the way to really have an impact.  She wants to build her personal brand (how she is known) and could use some help creating a plan that includes doing the “right” work and connecting with the “right” people. Sounds like you? READ MORE





executive ellen

Executive Ellen: is in the executive ranks and a great deal of her life revolves around her job.  She isn’t as connected outside of her company as well as she could be and not up on the latest in new media (ignores it as unnecessary to her job and doesn’t have / make time to learn the basics).  She would be in real trouble if she lost her job.  Sounds like you? READ MORE





ambitiousabeAmbitious Abe: is all about moving up the corporate ladder and in many cases doesn’t care who he pushes out of the way to get to the top.  He has been climbing but is starting to get a little question pop-up in his head, “Why am I climbing this ladder?”  He never took the time to really figure out who he is and what he wants.  He just did what was expected of him.  Sounds like you?  READ MORE





stagnantStanStagnant Stan: is just that, “stagnant.”  He has been at his company for a number of years and has seen very few promotions.  He is pretty much convinced that things are out of his hands.  There is however a little glimmer of hope that things can be different and he can showcase his talents to help himself and the company flourish.  Sounds like you?  READ MORE