hip hop affirmation #16

Hip Hop Affirmation: i’m on a mission


Tweet This: “THIS IS A MISSION, NOT A SMALL TIME THING.” ~Special Ed(The Mission)

Are you looking at things in a small way? When my wife first spoke to me about having an interest in getting an MBA I must say I was less than fully supportive. Although I was smiling on the outside, on the inside I was saying, “Why does she need or want an MBA?”

I looked at her desire as a small time thing and guess what? That’s the way the progress moved–small. The moment I decided that she wasn’t going for her MBA, but WE were, it changed the whole scope of things and the speed at which they took place.

We used my whiteboard to plan out the next steps and I went about helping as if I was applying for school. That small shift in mindset made all the difference in the world.

Moves to Make

Look for opportunities to adjust your thinking on something that currently feels small to you.  What would happen if you put some more energy behind it and treated it like a mission?


Don’t just listen to the music, leverage it!

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