My Projects

I’m a firm believer in projects as a great way to build skills while providing value (some call this Project World).  The idea of just working for an employer to provide total fulfillment is a thing of the past.  I’ve learned to build and leverage skills through projects and encourage you to do the same.

You can always find the latest and greatest information on my projects on this page.

No More Reasonable Doubt

No More reasonable doubt is a podcast series I created after conducting research with college students and alumni of color as well as the administrators who serve them.

I interviewed professionals of color to understand what they currently do for work and how they got there.  The goals was to have my listeners say, “Oh snap, I didn’t realize that was possible,” and “Oh snap, I didn’t realize that was possible for someone who looks like me.”

$10k on 10/1 (A 24hr social media-thon to raise money for charity: water):


$10k on 10/1 was a unique (it has never been done before for charity: water) project designed to help bring clean water to the people of Orissa, India.  I was first inspired after hearing the charity: water story; decided to take action by pulling together a team to get it done.  We leveraged Google+ Hangouts to have a 30 minute Q&A session with different notable entrepreneurs starting at Midnight on 10/1/13 and ending at Midnight on 10/2/13.  It was all recorded so you can watch the session of your choice at  8 weeks after the conception of the idea, we hit our goal of $10,000. Case Study Coming Soon…


The New Art of Conference Networking Course:




The New Art of Conference Networking Course is an on-demand course that will take you through everything you ever wanted / needed to know to get ready for a conference, excel while you are there and what to do once it’s all over.  The course is designed for busy professionals in mind.  Short videos and task will take you through the 4 modules: Focus, Engage, Attend and Follow-up.  Get started HERE

The Ambassador’s Creed


I like to call this the OS (operating system).  The Ambassador’s Creed is the culmination of my success beliefs and what I will use as a guide for different business ventures.  It was created after being challenged to share my success formula.  I went way back and worked my way from Junior high school to the present day and looked at what has served me in my personal and business life.  Be on the look out for the Manifesto, the poster and the coaching program.

The Bow Tie Flow


The bow tie flow is a joint project between and myself.  20% of the proceeds go to charity: water.  It stemmed from the idea of giving back–start where you started.  All the bow ties have given new life to clothes I’ve owned (meaning they are all made from clothes or ties that I’ve owned).  Move information and pictures can be found at [shutdown as of 3/12/17. All bow ties are 50% off with the discount code: “transition”]


The New Art of Conference Networking: #Hashtags to Handshakes

Hashtags to Handshakes is all about networking and teaching conference / event participants, sponsors and organizers how to create and move online relationships to powerful offline relationships.  Click HERE for more information.


Hip Hop Affirmations

Hip Hop Affirmations is focused on using the power of lyrics to motivate and inspire action in young adults, professionals and entrepreneurs.  You can find over 365 days of affirmations at our website (Here) and you can also get a very cool artistic look at lyrics and affirmations at our Tumblr site (Here).  If you are interested in checking out my book, “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life,” you can find it (Here)


The Seth Godin Book Club (Facebook Group)

Me and Seth at a Boston Icarus Session

The original goal of the book club was to read all of Seth Godin’s books and share the wisdom we are learning.  Currently we carry the philosophy of “ship” and “pick yourself.”  There will be an official (not sanctioned by Seth) Seth Godin reader created in the near future.  It will comprise of the notes we gathered during our reading.  You can join us (Here[group archived as of 3/2017]