Good Bye 2015 — A Recap [Misc.] 4 of 4

This is the fourth and final post in my 2015 recap series.  You can find the others here: Fatherhood, Business / Career, Spirituality. MISC.  Health Physically, I feel pretty good and that has helped me maintain mentally.  If it wasn’t for CrossFit and more so the good folks at CrossFitAC I can honestly say that…

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Good Bye 2015 – A Recap [Spirituality] | Part 3 of 4

SPIRITUALITY This is the third part of my Good Bye 2015 Recap.  You can find the other two: Fatherhood and Business / Career  by hitting their respective links. I definitely haven’t been on my spiritual game as I’ve been going through this job search in 2015.  In November my family and I took a trip to Maryland…

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Good Bye 2015 — A Recap [Business / Career]

BUSINESS / CAREER  This is the second part in my Good bye 2015 series.  If you missed the first one on Fatherhood you can find it HERE.  There is a lot here.  Let me not bury the lead by asking upfront for an introduction to any person who is working at a company that is…

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Good Bye 2015 – A recap [Fatherhood]

Ambassador Bruny and Son

I’ve been reflecting on 2015 for a bit and thinking about the best way to represent the year. Should I do pluses and minuses? overall lessons learned? The answer is “yes.”  But what if I leave something out? Ahh, it’s a blog post buddy, you can add it later. So here I go, 2015 in…

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My Interview on the Go-To Girl Show [Conference Networking]

For some strange reason I never hit publish on this bad boy.  It from a few months back but the information is still as delicious. I had a great time being interviewed on Natalie Cutler-Welsh for here Go-To Girl show.  We are talking about conference networking and even talk a bit about being parents at…

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