What Made My Visit To A Seth Godin Event Special

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On Saturday, January 10, 2016 Seth Godin held a Q&A session in NYC from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  He had a Slack group set up so people could connect before the event and also to ask questions to Seth (you still had a chance to ask live).  I wrote about some of the key…

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Mos Def’s Fear Not of Man: The 2016 Track Changes Remix

Sometimes we just can’t find the right words to express how we are feeling.  I’ve found music to be a great help. With all the negativity and hate following the election, I went digging in the crates and came to an album I really love, Mos Def’s “Black on Both Sides.”  This album was made…

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[NMRD] 8 Things You Can Do For a Leader in Your Community

This is from my No More Reasonable Doubt Blog which is really focused on young professionals of color.  This message was sparked when I noticed so many of the leaders around me working on various issues in response to the recent elections. My brain went to, “who supports these people known as leaders”  Here you…

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Thoughts On Our President Elect (Reprinted From NMRD)

Here is an article I wrote from my No More Reasonable Doubt Blog which is focused on empowering young professionals of color Thoughts On Our President Elect Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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Many Styles

Getting really clear on your style of work is really important when evaluating the work you want to take on. After two years of “Get the work done and let’s reconnect,” it can be tough to be in a system that calls for you to just be there no matter what; even if the work…

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