I recently swung by the New England Job Show to tape a two part segment on careers and fulfillment.  I have a great formula that I think will be of use. P2M3+N = Career Fulfillment (I flipped the formula around a bit for this segment).

What are your career tips to fulfillment?  Would love to hear your comments and perspectives.



As always my goal is to help you Run the Point (Take Action) from where you are, with what you have.

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny

Mike Ambassador Bruny
Mike Ambassador Bruny

I have a deep desire to help spread entrepreneurial thinking as the solutions to many of our problems today. I am a project kind of guy who loves to get things started. When I'm not in search of contract work (projects) that I can do during the nights and weekends I can be found working as a mild mannered Digital Content Manager for Babson Executive Education.

What do ya think?

    3 replies to "Visit With The New England Job Show (Pt.1) (Talking Fulfillment & Careers)"

    • Wendy J

      This was a great segment to watch, very informative for a person who needs a more structural view (myself) on how get to your highest potential. Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

    • YOU ARE AWESOME! I am lovin this. Now use it and include this link in all emails you send out to the media. Can you edit it back to a 2 minute quick clip with the most important details highlights included etc…? The media and others might not stick around for 14 minutes every time. I did, because I know you, admire you etc… but for people that do not yet have a relationship with you- give them a shorter sneak peek first. ???

    • ambassadorbruny

      Wendy, thanks for the support. Definitely more to come. if you haven’t already sign up for my video mailing list “Behind the Bow Tie,” which provides my followers opportunity to get their questions answered in oneof my videos.

      Your Ambassador,
      Mike Bruny

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