4 Ways to Attend Conferences For Free

It’s tough to network at conferences when you can’t get there.  Let’s face it, the cost of attending conferences are high.  But what if you could find a way cut out one of the expenses.  What if you could attend without paying for a ticket.  I’ve attended conferences for free in the past by using three techniques and you can easily do the same thing.

Be A Speaker

Agreeing to speak at a conference is one of the easier ways to attend a conference.  If you can make the cut you will be able to get your ticket cost covered, get a platform to share your brilliance and be in a position where people will want to connect with you.  Speaking for a ticket is how I attended SXSW for the first time.

Be in the Media

I’ve done interviewing work for the Massachusetts Conference For Women and was in turn provided a media pass.  You can reach out to the organizers to find out if you could attend as a blogger (that means you would actually have to have a blog) or offer to conduct interviews of there speakers before the conference in exchange for a conference ticket.

Be Scholarly

You can keep your eyes out or ask the conference organizers if they have any scholarship opportunities and what the criteria is.  I attended Inbound 2013 by applying for a scholarship (see my scholarship video below).

You Tube Link: http://youtu.be/7OAl_ZOrmlM

Be a Volunteer

I haven’t had the opportunity to use this method yet but know plenty of folks who have volunteered their time in exchange for a free ticket to a conference.  The work you contribute can take place before, during or after the conference.

What are methods have you heard of or tried that got you a free ticket to a conference?

Remember, long after the conference has concluded, it’s the connections that continue.

Your Ambassador,

Mike Ambassador Bruny

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